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2021-2025 Corporate Plan

“Strongly supported by Government as the flagship of the Garden Communities programme, our role is clear – to deliver a vibrant new community that includes high-quality and affordable housing that meets the needs of local people, alongside a thriving local economy with a wide range of new jobs. We have an exciting opportunity to build much needed beautiful new homes in the right places – regenerating brownfield and previously used industrial land to create a vibrant and sustainable community, whilst respecting the beauty of our open spaces and natural environment. By 2025 we will have delivered more than 5,000 homes – representing a third of the eventual total, and plans will be in place for up to 150,000 sq.m of future employment floorspace across three sites.”

-Simon Dudley, Chair of Ebbsfleet Development Corporation Board

Read the 2021-25 Corporate Plan

2023-24 Business Plan

The Ebbsfleet Development Corporation Business Plan for 2023-24 sets out ambitious plans for the third year of the current Corporate Plan  that covers the period from 2021-25. It sets out priorities for the year and the performance measures that will apply, details of the budget and a summary of key risks the Corporation will seek to mitigate.

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Annual Reports and Accounts

The purpose of performance reports (known as Annual Reports) is to provide the reader with an understanding of the Corporation and how it has performed over the financial year. Ebbsfleet Development Corporation’s Annual Reports show financial and operational conditions throughout the year, and identify learnings and opportunities for the financial year ahead.

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Transparency Reports

Government has made a commitment for transparency to extend to ‘every area of public life’, including Arm’s Length Bodies (ALBs). Through this policy, Ebbsfleet Development Corporation makes an explicit commitment to openness in its activities. There will be a presumption in favour of routine disclosure of organisational information, subject to commercial and security concerns. This policy addresses not only the release of the datasets required by DLUHC and Government, but also transparency on the role and responsibilities of Ebbsfleet Development Corporation, its staffing, how it is governed and how decisions are made, financial information, performance and risk, planning data and how to contact the team or complain about its activities.

Click the link below to review Ebbsfleet Development Corporation’s Transparency policy & reports.

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Ebbsfleet Development Corporation Framework Document

The Framework Document has been drawn up by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG, now Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, DLUHC) in consultation with Ebbsfleet Development Corporation. This document sets out the broad framework within which Ebbsfleet Development Corporation should operate and sets out the respective responsibilities and accountability of EDC, the Secretary of State and the Permanent Secretary for MHCLG (now DLUHC).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find copies of Ebbsfleet Development Corporation's Transparency Reports?

Ebbsfleet Development Corporation Transparency Reports are listed on the website for public viewing. However, if you require further information, or would like to review historical Transparency Reports, please get in touch with the team via the Contact Form or email: hello@ebbsfleetdc.org.uk

Does the Corporation build homes?

Ebbsfleet Development Corporation’s approach is to act as the catalyst for home building by helping to bring landowners and developers together, and through powers to determine planning applications as the Local Planning Authority for the area. Following an extensive process of studying the infrastructure needs of the area and presenting business cases to Government, the Corporation invests in infrastructure to support the development and regeneration of Ebbsfleet Garden City, including private infrastructure (electricity water, ) as well as public infrastructure (roads, schools etc). The Corporation also has capacity for direct development of land for a greater variety of homes and jobs in situations where the market may not deliver these.

Where can I ask a question or have my say?

Ebbsfleet Development Corporation welcomes all views and questions. For general enquiries please contact the team via the Contact Form.  Your enquiry will then be allocated to the relevant team or person whom will contact you with a response.

You can also submit a question to the Ebbsfleet Development Corporation Board for consideration.

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 also provides the public with access to information held by public bodies. As an arm’s length body of the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, the Corporation is bound by the same obligations.

  • Ebbsfleet Implementation Framework

    This document provides a comprehensive overview of the project history, the role of the Implementation Framework, and the role of Ebbsfleet Development Corporation in facilitating it.

  • Ebbsfleet Implementation Framework Summary

    Sitting on the banks of the Thames, only 17 minutes from Kings Cross / St Pancras, Ebbsfleet is being planned to grow out of the chalk quarries and industrial heritage of northern Kent to become a healthy, happy new place to invest, live, work and play within. Read more in this Framework Summary.

  • Audit Risk and Assurance Committee

    Read the Corporation’s Audit Risk & Assurance Committee Terms of Reference

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