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Edible Ebbsfleet

Health and wellbeing sits at the heart of what makes Ebbsfleet a great place to live. Through careful design and focus on health, wellbeing and raised living standards, residents are empowered to lead healthier lifestyles through a variety of initiatives and facilities in the community.  

Edible Ebbsfleet

Edible Ebbsfleet

Edible Ebbsfleet is a community activation initiative which works with, and supports local residents to develop a series of small scale food growing initiatives along local streets, parks and gardens both to transform the image of the area and to promote education on the health benefits of eating fresh fruit and vegetables. The existing communities adjacent to Ebbsfleet have health indices over 30% lower than the national average, including a high incidence of childhood obesity, and adult type 2 diabetes. Edible Ebbsfleet will help local people take control of their own health outcomes by making healthy eating fun.  Through food growing, residents will be encouraged to get involved, to grow, to cook, to eat and to get to know their neighbours.

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Edible Ebbsfleet locations

There are 11 Edible Ebbsfleet planters across Ebbsfleet, all set up to encourage residents and local community members to get involved and work together to grow, share and enjoy locally grown produce. Whether you fancy growing greens, planting potatoes or curating courgette, Edible Ebbsfleet planters are a great way to get involved and test your green fingers! Perhaps on your next walk, take a look at the wonderful things growing in the planters!

You can also keep up to date via the What’s On tab to find out when the next community planting sessions are across Ebbsfleet.

What's on in Ebbsfleet

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