Consultation on new walking and cycling routes

An  early consultation is being held on walking and cycling improvement schemes across Ebbsfleet, Greenhithe and Northfleet.

These schemes form part of the Green Corridors Programme. They seek to provide high-quality, connected routes to support a shift towards sustainable modes of travel.

Kent County Council places a high priority on encouraging sustainable and active travel. It wants to support making walking and cycling safer, easier, and inclusive for all.

Residents require a transport network that provides a variety of travel choices to support a growing population.

KCC has worked closely with Ebbsfleet Development Corporation to develop some initial proposals in eight locations which connect existing routes and provide residents with more opportunities to choose cycling and walking for their day-to-day journeys.

The proposed routes are

Swanscombe to Castle Hill and access into Ebbsfleet Academy
Ackers Drive
London Road to Greenhithe Station
Bean Road
Northfleet North:
Northfleet High Street
Northfleet South and Painters Ash:
Springhead Road
National Cycle Route 177 to Hall Road
Hall Road

To take part in the consultation head here and see this booklet explaining what it is about Green Corridors Consultation Brochure

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