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Thinking of moving to Ebbsfleet?

In our role as Planning Authority for the Ebbsfleet Urban Development Area, the Corporation supports the delivery of high-quality, high-performing homes and neighbourhoods that positively contributes to the local landscape and neighbourhood character.

The role of Ebbsfleet Development Corporation

The team continues to champion and promote the delivery of high performing homes and ensure that the design of new neighbourhoods follows good urban design principles to deliver attractive, safe and efficient layouts that contribute positively toward an appropriate character for Ebbsfleet, with a range of homes and tenures for all life stages, that meets local aspirations and requirements established in the planning policies of Dartford and Gravesham Boroughs.

Ebbsfleet Development Corporation works with a number of partners and developers to bring Ebbsfleet Garden City to life.

Developers working in your neighbourhood

Management Companies in your neighbourhood

Ebbsfleet Development Corporation does not have power to determine which companies developers work with for the residential management of homes across Ebbsfleet. If you are experiencing issues with your home, please contact your management company, information on which should be provided to you upon Similarly, where the land has not been adopted by Kent County Council, any issues regarding the streets or public spaces should be raised via the relevant management company for the area.



RMG also manage the Community Centre in Castle Hill. Find out more here.

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