Ebbsfleet Development Corporation have launched a social value framework to help maximise the positive impact for local people across North Kent

Many billions of pounds will be spent on designing and building the new homes, shops, offices and community facilities of Ebbsfleet’s regeneration over the coming years. As the organisation responsible for overseeing its delivery, Ebbsfleet Development Corporation (EDC) wish to see  investment benefit local people and businesses, in and around Ebbsfleet.

The launch of the social value framework in Ebbsfleet demonstrates ongoing commitment to creating sustainable benefits for residents in Ebbsfleet and the wider community. From October 2022, organisations working with EDC can assist in delivering the social value ambition, demonstrating a clear plan as to how they can help make a positive impact for local community members.  Contributions could include helping school children to understand environmental considerations, to providing local residents with upskilling and reskilling opportunities to work.

Lara Pool, Skills Co-ordinator at EDC, has led on the launch of this approach to delivering social value in Ebbsfleet: “Ensuring we maximise the benefits the development of Ebbsfleet is creating for local people is important for the Corporation. We are therefore making it as simple as possible for our partners to assist in this endeavour by linking community, school and charity groups’ projects with businesses who can support them. We encourage the developers and businesses operating in Ebbsfleet to help us create social value by supporting these programmes and ensuring the benefits stay within the local area.”

A number of social value initiatives have already been implemented across Ebbsfleet. In 2021, EDC funded The Prince’s Trust to run a week-long employability programme for young people who were not in education, employment or training, helping to improve interview skills, CV writing, and opportunities within the built environment. Ebbsfleet Academy have recently benefitted from the social value scheme to expand their archery club equipment and widen their reach to more students to enjoy the outdoor activity. Construction Youth Trust have been working with EDC and local secondary schools to increase awareness and inspire young people into careers in the built environment.

Ian Piper, CEO of Ebbsfleet Development Corporation, comments on the launch of this initiative:Ebbsfleet regeneration will be many years in the making, at least until 2035, but we want the benefits of all the required investment now and in the future to be felt by local people and businesses for many years beyond the construction itself.

Ebbsfleet Development Corporation will lead the way in creating social value through the money we invest. We will do this by embedding the concept of social value into our procurement and delivery of the goods and services we invest in, including construction contracts and smaller scale services such as feasibility and design studies.”

The construction industry delivered more than £1bn in social and local economic value in 2021, according to findings from the Social Value Portal and public sector procurement body Scape. EDC intends to continue this momentum to balance business outcomes with social, environmental and economic benefits to the public.

To find out more about social value in Ebbsfleet, visit the social value pages on this website.

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