Ebbsfleet Development Corporation supports launch of Ebbsfleet Green Primary School Edible Garden

On Friday, 26th of April, excited pupils and families attended the launch of Ebbsfleet Green Primary School’s much-anticipated edible garden. Ebbsfleet Development Corporation provided funding for the design and construction of the garden, with ambition to provide a sustainable and practical opportunity to benefit the future of the school and the wider community.

As well as teaching pupils about how fruit and vegetables are grown, the garden will offer ample opportunities to acquire new skills and enjoy physical activity; develop their confidence and capitalise on the many benefits of gardening and being surrounded by nature. Additionally, the space can be used as an emotional outlet for those learning to self-regulate and requiring some time out of the classroom.

The edible garden project has been very much a community affair. The school’s extra-curricular gardening club, run by Miss Franklin, has been instrumental in developing the area, with the group of enthusiastic, green-fingered youngsters working hard planting and sowing seeds for seasonal vegetables during the past year.

Plant donations from the community have been gratefully received and the school is hoping to set up strong bonds with local allotment representatives to continue to build on partnerships.

The initiative will support further learning and activities focused towards healthy and sustainable living, with children set to learn how to make healthy treats from the produce grown from the garden each term.

For more information about Edible Ebbsfleet locations near you, please visit our page here.

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