Ebbsfleet Garden City generates over £20m in Social Value

Ebbsfleet Development Corporation, the government funded body tasked with facilitating the delivery of Ebbsfleet Garden City, has announced the Social Value generated in 2022 to have surpassed £20m.

The new online report, developed by the Corporation with the Social Value Portal, highlights the efforts from organisations involved in the regeneration of Ebbsfleet in creating benefit for local people beyond construction itself. The Impact 2022 report highlights the work of the Corporation and numerous developers across Ebbsfleet Garden City in creating employment, learning, community engagement opportunities and environmental sustainability investment for Dartford and Gravesham residents.

With billions of pounds set to be spent on designing and building new homes, shops, offices and community facilities within Ebbsfleet, it is crucial that the benefits of investment are felt by local people and businesses for many years to come.

Since 2022, Ebbsfleet Development Corporation has been capturing how the regeneration of Ebbsfleet has improved the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of Dartford and Gravesham Borough residents, known as ‘Social Value’.

Many successful programmes have been delivered either by the Corporation, or facilitated by partner organisations or housing developers currently working across the scheme:

561 local residents employed across Ebbsfleet, creating a social value proxy of £19m.

Over 106 hours spent in schools assisting young people with career choices.

Over 500 hours spent volunteering in the local community.

300 weeks of apprenticeships and 21 weeks of work experience have been provided to local people.

106 hours of staff time spent helping unemployed people with careers advice.

Many notable community activities across Ebbsfleet funded by Ebbsfleet Development Corporation have supported the creation of social value and provided a platform for residents to get involved in shaping the growing community, including:

  • ‘This Must Be The Place’ is a pioneering three-year placemaking programme of research, artist residencies and co-commissions created collaboratively with young people from the local area.
  • Construction Youth Trust are working with the Corporation to deliver a ‘Building Future Skills’ programme for sixth form students to learn about the wide range of careers in the built environment. Over 1000 hours of time has been spent in local secondary schools on this and construction careers awareness programmes.
  • The BetterPoints app has been commissioned for residents across Dartford and Gravesham to encourage physical activity and enjoyment of the outdoors.
  • The popular ‘Greening the City’ initiative in collaboration with HMRC saw the Corporation give over 1,500 trees and 1,000 plants to residents and schools across Ebbsfleet, raising awareness of the importance of biodiversity and protecting the environment.
Lawn Primary School Healthy Schools Programme received a grant of £35,000 to transform a double decker bus into an outdoor learning environment and create a school garden. Credit: Lawn Primary School.

The Corporation has strong ambitions to continue embedding Social Value across all aspects of Ebbsfleet Garden City, working with partners to deliver and support local initiatives, events and cultural activities, as well as empowering the education, upskilling and employment opportunities for residents within Dartford and Gravesham.

For more information about Ebbsfleet Garden City and to view the full report please visit: ebbsfleetgardencity.org.uk/social-value/

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