Cherry Orchard outdoor learning classroom funded by Ebbsfleet Development Corporation set to open

Cherry Orchard is excited to introduce its new Outdoor Learning Classroom to the children within the next couple of weeks.

The spectacular wooden, round building from Rotunda was completed this week after a surprisingly quick build time and is part of a much bigger project that has largely been funded by a generous grant from  Ebbsfleet Development Corporation.  The outdoor learning classroom has internet access, a glass atrium and plenty of opportunities to ‘let the outside in’ with its bifolding doors and large window area.

It will complement the outdoor learning environment that has already been developed to provide edible garden planters and an educational opportunity for the children to learn about planting edible fruits and vegetables in the Autumn.  In keeping with the ‘healthy living’ aspect of the project, outdoor activity stations such as trim trails and climbing walls will feature around the woodland area and building to provide the children with some fun and adventurous activities to keep them fit and healthy.  This part of the project is due to be installed  in September.

The outdoor classroom will provide much needed space to deliver Forest School activities for EYFS, as well as opportunities for dance, music, gardening and art lessons –  to be enjoyed in a completely independent and peaceful setting, away from the main school building. In addition it will complement the current playground by providing alternative playtime activities with a live woven wicker tunnel and trim trail equipment. COPA has plans to augment this project with another smaller wooden satellite station to provide storage, toilet and washroom facilities, as well as a small kitchen allowing us to incorporate cooking activities at a later stage.

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